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The Lohana Community of United Kingdom (LCUK) was founded in 1978 to form a national body whose main objectives are to promote the cultural, religious, social, linguistic and economic welfare of Lohanas in the United Kingdom. Since then it has grown steadily and today, all twenty one regional Lohana Mahajans are members of the LCUK.

This new-look website was launched in 2003 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formation of the LCUK. We are the first national Lohana organisation worldwide to have launched a website as early as 2001. The LCUK eNewsletter - the first UK Lohana digital newsletter - was launched in January 2006.

NEWSFLASH - LCUK Delegates Conference held on 7th May 2017. New team elected - see the Committee page for more details. LCUK eNewsletter relaunched - Click HERE to subscribe

LCUK contact details
Bharatbhai Sodha, Hon. Secretary General
Email: Secretary@LCUK.org.uk (General information)
Webmaster: Webmaster@LCUK.org.uk (Website information)

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