The LCUK are looking to create a website specifically for bereavement purposes. Whilst a number of bigger Mahajans offer this as a service, the integrated UK approach will not seek to take over their existing infrastructure but rather to build on it by utilising their knowledge and hopefully adding to it. This should aid to foster a long term platform which will benefit members from all Mahajans, both big and small.

Sadly death is the ultimate truth of life and comes knocking at every door – having a comprehensive reference library for each Lohana family across the UK could be very useful whether that be for notifications or booking a Maharaj and Funeral Director. Below please see a brief scope of what the website will aim to do; what we are seeking is for committee members of Mahajans to join the Sub-Committee. Having a diverse range of areas as well as skill sets will be paramount to the project. Also, any suggestions, MP3 Bhajans, Dhuns, PDF Prayer documents, Interpretations from the Bhagwat Geeta will be more than appreciated.

  • To create a single point of reference for the entire community at the difficult time of a bereavement
  • To ensure community members are notified of each Mahajan’s bereavement they opt in for i.e. if there are friends/family in Leicester and Bolton for an East London member but nowhere else, then only bereavements from the three chosen Mahajan’s will be sent to the member by email
  • To foster a central platform of reference which ensures all final rights and rituals are available to follow in downloadable sheets
  • To create a central library of bhajans, dhuns and prayers that can be used/downloaded in both English and Gujarati for daily prayers etc.
  • To provide numbers of committee members who are able to support members from each Mahajan, whether that be for organising the funeral, the prathna or just a reference point by phone/email. It could also mean members from smaller Mahajan’s can call more experienced members from another Mahajan
  • To provide downloadable forms & contacts for local and national government support during a bereavement ranging from funeral grants to counselling services
  • To provide a list of businesses offering their service from each Mahajan i.e. Caterers, Funeral Directors, Florists, Maharaj’s
  • To look into charities our community members can support in loving memory of their lost loved ones, whether that is by donating left over food each day, or donations instead of flowers or even clothes which can be donated to specific charities
  • To create a foundation for the generation ahead who can follow our traditional final rights and rituals as without something of this nature these rituals will phase out – A real detriment to our culture and heritage