The Excitement is Building!

The vibrant Lohana Community of the UK is no stranger to unity, celebration, and shared memories. Every event we’ve embarked upon has been testament to our strong community ties, and this year, we’re gearing up for another phenomenal gathering: The Lohana Sports Festival 2023.

Key Dates and Venue

Mark those calendars, folks! The festival will spread its joy from Saturday, September 30th to Sunday, October 1st, 2023. This year, we’re hosting the festivities at the picturesque Raghuvanshi Charitable Trust, located off bridleway, Headstone Ln, Harrow HA2 6NG.

More Than Just a Sports Event

While the adrenaline rush of the games will undoubtedly be the highlight, the core of this festival lies in what we always cherish – coming together as a community. The aim is not just to compete but to promote sports, fun, and fellowship among our members across the UK.

Exciting Sports Line-Up

  • Football (5-a-side) ⚽: Perfect for those who love team dynamics and fast-paced action.
  • Table Tennis 🏓: A game of reflexes, strategy, and precision.
  • Pool 🎱: Show off your cue skills and strategy in this classic game.
  • Rounders ⚾: Relive this fun-filled traditional game that promises lots of laughs and cheers.
  • Antakshari 🎤: Let’s test our lyrical memory and have a sing-along!

And guess what? The list doesn’t end here. We’re in discussions to introduce even more games to the roster. So, stay tuned!

Stay Updated and Get Involved

We’ll be releasing more details and the registration process soon. In the meantime, we encourage our community members to spread the word. Let’s make this festival a resounding success, celebrating the incredible spirit of the Lohana community.

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